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5 Creative Paper Organizing Solutions Inspired by Pinterest

One website that is easy to become utterly lost in is Pinterest. A great inspirational tool, and also chock full of creative, out of the box home and office organizing ideas, our NYC Professional Organizer highly recommends perusing the different “pins” on Pinterest. Here are five creative paper organizing solutions, which were all found all on Pinterest. Happy pinning!

  1. Original photo credit: Less Cake More Frosting

    Original photo credit: Less Cake More Frosting

    Vertical, hanging folders attached to the side of the refrigerator. Does your kitchen counter become a dumping ground? Mail, backpack contents, school papers, etc. seem to become an unmanageable pile? Utilize the wasted space on the side fridge by attaching folders to it! This creative pinner bought inexpensive hanging file orders, customized them with fabric and designed paper, and attached them to the side of her fridge with Velcro strips. They allow her to remove them at any time and are sturdy enough to support the weight.

  2. Original photo credit: Dimplicity Crafty Blog

    Original photo credit: Dimplicity Crafty Blog

    Binders (with free printable inserts). Binders are a simple, effective way to organize papers, but sometimes it can become overwhelming when choosing categories for those papers. Pinterest is also full of a generous community offering free printable inserts which can help you simplify paper organizing and determine what to include in the binders.  They take the guesswork (and leg work) out of designing log sheets and other forms from scratch.

  3. Original photo credit: The Thinking Closet

    Original photo credit: The Thinking Closet

    Receipt Organizing. Tackling receipts can be daunting. Keeping an expandable accordion folder handy for receipts can alleviate the stress of sorting through all those crumpled up scraps of paper. Label each section so it works for you.  You can go use categories, service providers or even the months of the year.  Another easy to use and (very) inexpensive solution are receipt envelopes which cost as little as $1.

  4. Original photo credit: Etchythings

    Original photo credit: Etchythings

    Office Organizing Clothespins. Quickly pre-sort your mail by organizing it into general categories (like file, junk mail, sort, read, and past due) and clipping together the papers.    These clothespins can be handy when you’re pressed for time. Our NYC Professional Organizer wouldn’t recommend using this as a primary method of filing, but a great way to start organizing papers and other mail.

  5. Original photo credit: Red Star Ink

    Original photo credit: Red Star Ink

    Bill Paying Calendar. This is a clever way to ensure you never again pay a bill late. This notebook has pockets for bills – “Paid” and “To Pay.” Just note your bill paying  date/dates on the calendar and collect all bills to be paid in the appropriate pocket. This is a simple concept, but streamlined and effective.

Pinterest is a great resource for identifying the perfect paper organizing solution for your home or office.  Be creative!   Once you have tested a product or project that works, share it with the rest of the Pinterest community.   If you need help implementing or fine tuning a concept, our NYC Professional Organizer is an email away and can help you customize the solution! Happy pinning!

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