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How To Keep Paper Records Safe

While it seems like everything is digital these days, there’s still a need for paper copies of certain records and documents. Unlike digital records, physical copies take up space and demand greater protection. Disasters can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, wiping out years of information. But with the proper steps and preparation, that doesn’t need to… Continue Reading »

Mistakes Companies Make With Document Destruction

Companies must periodically dispose of archived documents to protect sensitive information and free up space—all that paper can really add up. Even digital data can outlive its usefulness and require a thorough elimination process. Whether digital or analog, businesses must act efficiently, intelligently, and sustainably when destroying old documents. Make sure to avoid these mistakes… Continue Reading »

Organizing Paperwork in Small Home Offices

When you’re working from home and have a small workspace with limited room for key supplies and frequently used files, it can be challenging to find the right solutions for managing supplies and organizing paperwork. This is the time to be creative and customize the solution to your situation. Here are 3 different approaches to… Continue Reading »

Home Office Organizing Case Study: The Mobile Office

My client had downsized and moved from a very large home with an abundance of space into a much smaller home with very limited space. They had set up a home office in a small room that was shared with their laundry machines and needed a home office organizing strategy. Their new home is on… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Tax Prep Strategies for the New Year

As we dive into the new year, one thing is on everyone’s mind – tax season! Particularly with our current political climate and the partial government shutdown, it’s important to be prepared and ready to file your taxes. Remember to check the IRS website for any updates or changes as the shutdown continues. For now,… Continue Reading »

Paper Organizing Tips for Purging Paper Clutter

While the trend may be to go paperless, there is still a significant amount of paper in our offices taking up valuable desk, floor and file cabinet space. How can we get rid of the excess and stay organized? This volume of paper is intimidating. We see all the paper clutter that is causing a… Continue Reading »