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5 Creative Suggestions for Effective Home Office Organizing

Even though many parts of the country are well on the way to re-opening, many companies are delaying the return of their staff to the office or possibly even having their staff work from home indefinitely. Many of those who will continue working from home didn’t have home offices or workspaces in the first place. As the time for making-due is well past, it is essential to take a little time to create a suitable home office area. Some of the challenges to address include the limited amount of available space and budget.  Here are this home office organizer’s 5 creative suggestions for creating an effective home office.

  1. Flip Down Desk This wall mounted computer desk is a real space saver. It provides ample space for working plus has shelves and compartments for storing all desk essentials.
  2. Lap Desk This lap desk works exactly as its name states. It is handcrafted of oak and offers a solid and spacious surface for your laptop. It comes with a built-in mouse pad and slots for your pen and cell phone.
  3. Computer Desk This computer desk is large enough but small enough to both fit in your home and to provide ample room for working. The front features 2 open storage spaces for supplies. When it’s no longer needed as your home office, it could serve as a vanity.
  4. Standing Desk If your space allows and you need a desk, a standing desk may be a good alternative for you. It is very streamline, doesn’t take a lot of space and it’s a healthier option.
  5. Ergonomic Considerations This article that was recently published in The New York Times focused on the importance of setting up your home workspace from an ergonomic perspective. It contains many helpful tips concerning your desk, keyboard and mouse.

There are many other possibilities out there. It’s a matter of first defining your vision for the space. If you want some input concerning a choice that you’re considering, reach out to your home office organizer today.

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