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6 Tips for Organizing Success

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While many of us have the best of intentions when it comes to organizing the pile of magazines cascading off the coffee table, figuring out how to better utilize our storage space, or making room in the closet for winter clothes, it can be difficult to begin the process.  This is the topic I discussed with a group at Avon during a recent lunch/learn presentation. As I shared with the Avon group, the ultimate objective is not only to successfully complete your organizing project, but also to maintain the systems you put into place.

So, what do you need to know before getting started?  Keep in mind, organizing is a creative process and you (and I mean YOU) have to be ready to personally tackle the task at hand if you want to see long term results.  Below are 6 suggestions from your Professional Organizer in NYC that will help you both start and complete the next organizing task that you choose to tackle.

  1. Complete the Task. Once you have identified the area of your office or home that needs to be organized, recognize the amount of time it will take to complete the task and set a deadline for getting it done.  Block out time on your calendar in 15-30 minute intervals on a regular basis, devoted solely to your organizing task.  Be open and ready to alter existing habits and consider establishing new ones so you will be able to stay organized.
  2. Pick a Place to Start. You will gain momentum once you have started your organizing task, but the key is to determine the best place to begin.  It can be an area that stresses you out each time you look at it, like your cluttered desk, or you can focus on a small, simple task, like organizing the table by your front door. Pick a spot and once you have organized it systematically work your way through the room or across the desk one task at a time.
  3. Be Creative.  One of the best kept secrets of professional organizers in NYC: there is no right or wrong organizing system or solution.  You can be as creative as you would like when identifying a process, storage location and/or storage container.  In order to ensure your selections are the right ones for you, determine if you like them and if they work for you as well as you anticipated.
  4. Customize Solutions. One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional organizer in NYC is that she will develop custom systems tailored specifically for you. The systems and storage solutions you choose should be customized to your space, needs and objectives.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every person or project.  Some prefer to have all essential items in plain sight, while others prefer a clear space and don’t mind having to open a drawer or door to locate an item when needed.
  5. Beware of Procrastination. It is human nature to see a million other tasks to do instead of the one dreaded item that really needs your time and attention.  Getting organized can be an overwhelming task for many and because of this, there is a tendency to avoid getting started.  Dividing your task into a series of small, manageable steps is a good strategy for combatting this. Make the first step a really easy one so that it will be easier to get started. To ward off procrastination and jumpstart your organizing projects, contact your professional organizer in NYC to help you identify systems and solutions that you will be able to stick to!
  6. Be Accountable.  Getting organized is all about making changes.  Sharing your plans to organize your desk or even your kitchen junk drawer with a close friend or family member can be very helpful.  You will have someone who will be supportive during the organizing process and who will look to you for periodic progress updates which will help make your goal a reality.  Of course, the ultimate accountably partner is your NYC professional organizer! Once the job is done, celebrate your success.

These six tips are designed to help you stop thinking about the organizing projects you’d like to complete and start identifying and tackling the tasks necessary to get them done! If you’re struggling with getting started, contact your professional organizer in NYC! We’ll guide you through your issues and help you get organized in no time.

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