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7 Tips to Ease Back into Life at Home & Work After Vacation


file9791253813918You planned and prepared for vacation. You went, had a fantastic week full of rest and relaxation but all too soon you’re back home and…now what? You have suitcases to unpack; an empty refrigerator; and are overwhelmed by the thought of returning to work to a desk piled high with tasks to be done. How long can you savor the post-vacation calm and prevent the inevitable post-vacation crash? As a Professional Organizer in NYC, I have faced this very situation myself and wanted to share 7 simple tips that will make your first few days back at home and in the office less stressful.

  1. You don’t have to tackle it all at once. Remember that not everything needs to be dealt with within the first few minutes of your return! Take a look around your home. Anything that immediately needs to be done, such as a broken pipe spilling water into your home, can and should be handled right away. But things like the lawn needing to be mowed or a mile high stack of mail to be sorted, can wait at least a day or two.
  2. Restock essential items. As we talked about in preparing for your trip, leaving a list of essentials to be purchased immediately upon your return on your refrigerator before you leave for your travels is key. Now is the time to grab that list and hit the store! Even if you didn’t prepare a list beforehand, make a mental list of a few things to get you through the first 24 hours and stop quickly at the store before you even get home. Once you walk into your house, you won’t have the energy to head back out, so stop on the way and save time. Another idea – before you head out on vacation, prepare a couple of frozen meals that you can pull out when you get home. One less thing to worry about!
  3. Unpack that laundry. Don’t leave your suitcases overflowing and cluttering the corners of your bedroom. As you get home, take them immediately to the laundry room and empty all of your dirty clothes. Sort it right away as you unpack, and even throw a load into the wash right then.
  4. Unpack the rest of your stuff. Don’t wait. It becomes too easy to live out of your suitcases, so cut the clutter on day one and put your belongings away.
  5. Schedule yourself some time. Don’t schedule any activities on your first day back at home. You’ll need that time to take care of your home, unpack, and get back into the swing of life.
  6. Schedule yourself time at work, too! Keep your schedule clear on your first day back in the office. This allows you time to catch up on phone calls, emails, and anything that came up unexpectedly during your time away. It also gives you time to check in with your coworkers and supervisors so that you are up-to-date on the status of key projects.
  7. Prioritize your tasks. Just like at home, it’s okay to ease back into things at the office. Take care of tasks that require your immediate attention, and put the rest on the back burner for a few days as you catch up.

Often after a great vacation, you are ready to be home, but that doesn’t mean the transition is always an easy one. This Professional Organizer in NYC urges you to allow yourself a day or two to catch up on life before everything gets back to normal. These 7 simple tips will help you make the first few days back at home and in the office much easier.

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