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3 Office Organizing Tips for Stress Free Time Out of the Office

When you head off on a trip, whether for business or for pleasure, it’s important to prepare and get organized before you leave. Putting systems in place before you leave and allowing time for preparation is key for a stress free trip. With work to delegate, colleagues and clients to communicate with, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as… Continue Reading »

7 Tips to Ease Back into Life at Home & Work After Vacation

  You planned and prepared for vacation. You went, had a fantastic week full of rest and relaxation but all too soon you’re back home and…now what? You have suitcases to unpack; an empty refrigerator; and are overwhelmed by the thought of returning to work to a desk piled high with tasks to be done. How long can… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools for Travel Planning

Gone are the days where all of your planning and checklists needed to be handwritten on a piece of paper. It’s 2015! These days, you can organize your travel plans with a wide variety of travel and planning apps directly on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Here are a few recommendations from this Professional Organizer in… Continue Reading »

Prepare for Vacation With These Office Organizing Tips

  Sometimes the greatest obstacle to taking time off for a weekend getaway or a family vacation is your job and its responsibilities. How can you leave work for a period of time? Will everything still run efficiently without you? How can you possibly enjoy time off if you are worried about the massive amount of work you’ll… Continue Reading »