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8 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Professional Organizer in NYC Helps Simplify Your LifeDid you know there’s an entire week dedicated to simplifying your life?!? It’s true – each year, the first week in August is known, nationally, as “Simplify Your Life Week.” Well, if you forgot to celebrate Simplify Your Life Week this past August, no worries – your Professional Organizer in NYC is here to share as there’s always time to simplify your life!

Simplifying your life doesn’t have to be a big task or challenge, all it takes are a few easy tips, like these professional organizing ideas, which you can easily work into your routine. A few simple changes can have a big impact! You don’t need to take action on all of these ideas at one time. Pick one, try it out and then move onto another.  Before you know it, you will have worked your way through all 8 tips! 

·         Don’t be afraid to say no
“No” isn’t a bad word, and it is necessary to use at times – exercise your right to say no, so your schedule doesn’t become too overwhelming and you have time for the essential tasks already on your to-do list.

·         If you don’t use it – lose it!
Think of how great you (and your home) feels after a good fall cleaning… Now, get that same feeling a lot more often by focusing on one small area each week with the intention of throwing out, donating or recycling those items you haven’t used in the past 6 months.

·         Become Schedule Savvy
From wall calendars to hand-held agendas and e-calendars, the options to organize every member of your family’s activities are varied! Our Professional Organizer in NYC advises you to experiment with one or two different options and, over time, you’ll find the perfect solution for your family – be sure to update it daily.

·         From “To-Do” to “Tada!”
Keep a running list of priorities and check items off as they’re completed… Trust me, as a NYC Professional Organizer, it feels great to check items off your list! Post it where everyone can see so that all members of your family can experience the satisfaction of checking a completed task off the list.

·         Focus on finishing
Create time in your schedule to complete those tasks that may not be your favorites. Things like laundry, and cleaning your bathroom aren’t fun for most, but if you make the time and FOCUS on the task at hand, it will be over before you know it.

·         Edit your Wardrobe
We all have items tucked away we think we’ll wear again when we lose that 5 pounds from summer indulging. But, chances are they may never see the light of day again. Do those items, and yourself, a favor, and donate them; making more room in your closet/dresser for new additions to update your fall wardrobe.

·         Food Fun
Be smart about your family’s food, and simplify meal time in your life – buy in bulk, store appropriately, and cook for more than one meal at a time. Trade secret from you NYC Professional Organizer: freezing meals is a great way to save time and money!

·         Make time for Media
This isn’t exactly as it sounds – you want to make time for the media in your life (this can be checking e-mails or talking on the phone) and use THAT specific, allotted amount of time. Limit your, and your family’s, media intake, that way, you’re all more present when you’re together.

Creative ideas like these, from your Professional Organizer in NYC can get us thinking about what’s most important to us. Applying some or all of these tips to organize our schedules, homes and to-do lists are an excellent place to start.

Happy simplifying!

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