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A Wardrobe Organizing Strategy for a Smart, Chic Look

wardrobe organizingTake command and create a wardrobe organizing strategy. With plenty of clothes in your closet, what percentage do you really wear?  As a wardrobe stylist, I’ve found that most women wear only 10% of the items in their wardrobe. Ouch! That means 90% of the clothes hanging in your closet takes up valuable space and represents wasted dollars.

To take command of your wardrobe, I recommend creating an NYC closet organizing strategy categorized by groups, or capsules, of clothes that interconnect with one another. With basic pieces as a foundation you will be able to create a series of outfits.

Develop your wardrobe strategy by looking through all the clothes you own. Bring out your basics in neutral colors and hang them together on a rack.  Do you have black pants, skirt, dress, and trousers, knit top, blouse and jacket cardigan? Great!  You have a capsule of black!

How many neutral capsules can you make?  Do you have grays, browns, reds, and denim – group them together?  Now the fun begins!

For the next step in your wardrobe strategy, pull out your novelty pieces, such as an animal print top, a multi-color tweed jacket or a textured cardigan.  Taking each novelty item how many different outfits can you make when combining them with the neutrals?  What personal statement do want to project?   Do you want to add drama, elegance or a touch of funk? Do your novelty pieces create this statement?

Accessories pull the neutrals and novelty pieces together and complete your signature look, creating harmony between the scale, texture and color of the clothes and accessories. A scarf, jewelry, bag, belt and shoes can “make” the outfit!


The objective of your wardrobe strategy is to have complete outfits that are easy to put together. As are organizing your wardrobe, see if you are missing a gray top or black blouse, or a scarf that would complete an outfit.  Write it down!

Make a list of the items! I suggest using a small notebook for your list to keep in your handbag. Your cell phone is a great wardrobe organizing tool. Use it to take pictures of the items that you want to match.  When you’re shopping, refer to your list and shop smart.

When you are buying a new outfit, think in terms of buying a group that interconnects.  A jacket, pant, skirt, a knit top, a blouse, and a scarf would be a useful capsule for business and travel.

Beware of impulse buying!   Stop!  Think!  Will this item work with one of my capsules?

As a wardrobe stylist, I guide clients through the process of taking command of their wardrobe and find that they are pleased with the versatility and the ease of getting dressed in the morning.   They have a new confidence in their appearance when their “look” is complete and they receive a positive response from family, friends and business colleagues.

If you find the process daunting, or are not pleased with your “look”, or find shopping exhausting, Call Me!   I can help!  I will take you on a style adventure to create a signature look and organizes your clothes to maximize your investment in them.

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