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Closet Organizing Solutions for Work and Home from the Professional Organizer in NYC

  Has your closet become a catch-all for more than just your clothes? Are each of your pieces of clothing hung up and organized? What about your shoes, belts, and accessories? What about your office storage closet – is it much of the same? Do you spend way too much time searching for items you need? Neither your… Continue Reading »

How to Keep Your Shoes Organized

  -0Memorial Day has come and gone, the warm weather seems to be sticking around, and that can mean only one thing – time to store away those boots for good and welcome back the sandals! The question now is how do you go about storing your cold weather shoes so they are ready to use next season?… Continue Reading »

A Wardrobe Organizing Strategy for a Smart, Chic Look

Take command and create a wardrobe organizing strategy. With plenty of clothes in your closet, what percentage do you really wear?  As a wardrobe stylist, I’ve found that most women wear only 10% of the items in their wardrobe. Ouch! That means 90% of the clothes hanging in your closet takes up valuable space and… Continue Reading »

Home Organizing Tips: Closet Organizing Case Study

I recently worked with a client in search of home organizing tips, specifically dealing with organizing her closets. She has two bedroom closets in her NYC apartment and is fortunate to have significant space in both of them which made the closet organizing an easier task.  With the exception of some items that are in under… Continue Reading »