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Back to School Home Organizing Tips

School organizing solutionsAs summer is quickly winding down, devoting some time and attention to finding the best back to school home organizing tips for NYC students while there is still time to implement them will pay off big time once classes start.  Introducing organizing concepts to your children and involving them as appropriate in putting these solutions into practice will help them form good organizing habits that will be beneficial to them over the long haul.

Some areas to focus on include the following home organizing tips:

Create a Homework Station:  When organizing NYC homes, there should be a designated spot where homework and only homework gets done.  Ideally there should be a desk in this space and a minimal number of distractions on or near the desk.

Organize the Supplies:  All of the appropriate school supplies should have a specific home in the homework station.  If need be, use drawer organizers like the ones made by Rubbermaid to create specific spaces for pencils, scissors, markers and the like.

Choose the Best Calendar:  Identify the most visible and accessible organizing solution in your NYC home for a wall calendar and purchase one that fits the space. Record events that will be attended by each member of the family on the calendar. Before school starts, fill in as much information as available regarding all holidays, teacher conferences and other known events.

Establish a Landing/Launching Pad:  This is the spot closest the front door (or other commonly used exit/entrance) where items are dumped upon arriving home and picked up before leaving for the day. When organizing NYC homes, this space is typically outfitted to accommodate backpacks, coats, lunch, keys, etc.

Tune up the Computer Equipment:  Ensure that the computer, printer and internet connection are all functioning at optimum performance.  If not, schedule time for a repair or to shop for a replacement.

Assess School Clothes:  Sort the school clothing into the keepers and those that no longer fit.  Donate all that are still in good condition as soon as possible so they can be put to immediate use.

Make a List (or 2):  While the easiest way to remember to do something is to write it down, the next simplest step is to use a pre-written list and customize it accordingly.

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