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How can You Prepare for & Be Organized for a Disaster?

Perhaps you’ve thought about organizing a disaster preparedness plan for your family, but you never followed through. Maybe it hasn’t been a priority… As a Professional Organizer in NYC, I’m here to share that it will never be the right time, or make it to the top of your list of priorities, until it’s too… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer’s Tips for Holiday Entertaining in NYC

While it seems hard to believe, since you still have Halloween candy in your pantry, the holidays are upon us – which means it’s time to prepare for holiday hosting. The key to stress-free entertaining this holiday season is to implement this NYC professional organizer’s favorite organizing solutions so that you’re prepared and can enjoy… Continue Reading »

Is this you? Excuses for not Eliminating Clutter in Your NYC home

Eliminating clutter in NYC homes is especially essential as space is at more of a premium than it is in more suburban areas.  Clutter is distracting.  It can be overwhelming. It creates significant stress as it impacts your relationship with those close to you.  It prevents you from inviting guests to your home or scheduling… Continue Reading »

Organize Your NYC Home for National Preparedness Month

As September is National Preparedness Month, I would like to share some simple home organizing tips for getting your NYC home ready for an emergency.  The recent earthquake in the Northeast coupled with the beginning of hurricane season (Hurricane Irene is targeting the northeast coast as I write this) serve as good reminders of the… Continue Reading »

Back to School Home Organizing Tips

As summer is quickly winding down, devoting some time and attention to finding the best back to school home organizing tips for NYC students while there is still time to implement them will pay off big time once classes start.  Introducing organizing concepts to your children and involving them as appropriate in putting these solutions… Continue Reading »

Applying the Process for Organizing Homes in NYC to Party Planning

I find it easiest to apply the same home organizing process that I use with my NYC clients and their projects when planning an annual summer gathering for  5 close friends and their spouses.  With juggling work and personal obligations, it is extremely helpful to apply some basic organizing solutions and time management strategies to… Continue Reading »