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Case Study: Cluttered Kitchen

My client has a good sized kitchen by NYC standards but decided it was time to seek the help of a NYC professional organizer to create a more logical plan for better organizing his kitchen.  This task had an additional level of complexity as there’s very limited storage in the bathroom so items that would… Continue Reading »

Our Favorite Products for Organizing Your NYC Closet

Spring begins this Tuesday, but the really important event on your calendar should be national Clean Out Your Closet Week! Designated as the third week of March, this is a great time for eliminating clutter, maximizing space and organizing your NYC closet. Professional organizers recommend having the right tools for the task you’re trying to… Continue Reading »

Using Apps to Get Organized When You’re On the Go

The number of online tools and smart phone apps to help you get organized has expanded greatly in the past few years – there’s an app for just about everything. Professional organizers in NYC advise taking advantage of technology to do the things you need to more quickly and efficiently. The list below is based on professional and user reviews, but always do your own research and evaluation to be sure you’re choosing the right apps to get organized.

Organize Your Tax Paperwork to Simplify Filing NY Returns

Whether you prepare your own personal or business taxes or enlist a professional, following these recommendations from a professional organizer in NY to organize your tax paperwork ahead of time can make the process more efficient and perhaps even save you some money.

Six Professional Organizer Tips for Time Management in NYC

We’ve all had that thought that we could use more time – more hours in the day to get through all of our tasks, to exercise, to get more sleep, to enjoy time with our family and friends. But since more hours in the day seem unlikely, time management tips and strategies can help you… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer Tips to Simplify Paying NYC Bills

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Americans spend an average of 22 hours a year paying bills. And 23% of adults say they pay bills late – because they lose them. Employing these NYC professional organizer tips can help you to organize your bill paying to keep your payments on time, and simplify… Continue Reading »