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6 Productivity Boosting Strategies for Your Home Office

What do you envision when you picture yourself working at home? Maybe you are relaxing in your pajamas, taking your time in the morning and enjoying your cup of coffee. Maybe you see yourself taking long leisurely lunches with your friends and (somehow) still getting all your work done each day. It’s a great picture!… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools to Keep You Organized in Your Home Office

Working from home means you need to have not only an organized space, but also a concrete productivity plan so that you don’t fall prey to all of the inevitable various household distractions. How can you stay organized and efficient in your home office? Try utilizing home office organizing apps suggested by your NYC Professional… Continue Reading »

4 Tips to Organize and Protect Your Electronics When Traveling

When traveling for work or pleasure this summer, one of the most important steps you can take is organizing your electronics before you leave. As most electronic gadgets are expensive, you should take precautions to keep them safe so you can avoid unnecessary costs down the road. One of my favorite reminders to clients is… Continue Reading »

To Pinterest or Not? Set Realistic Goals to Create an Organized Office

You can’t escape it these days… everywhere you look, on television, in magazines, online… there are images of perfectly organized, beautiful workspaces. A simple Pinterest search can bring up thousands of ideas for organizing your desk drawers and even more possibilities to consider for organizing your home office. Is it realistic to expect that you… Continue Reading »

Kids on Summer Break? Tips for Being Productive When Working From Home

Working from home as a parent is a challenge all on its own. But when you throw in summer vacation and your kids clamoring for your attention all day long, you can quickly shift into a state of overwhelm. Figuring out your summer work schedule is imperative so that you can get your work done… Continue Reading »

Schedule Office Organizing Time… Be Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here. With the warm breeze and sunshine comes longer days and a desire to spend less time in the office. You may be planning a vacation or long weekends away which are well deserved after months of hard work. But before season starts, take a little time to declutter your office and… Continue Reading »