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Tech Tools Make Email Management Easy

One of the biggest problems with productivity in the office is email management – or lack thereof! Learning how to use tech tools to manage your email is a great step towards improved focus and productivity. Here’s a list of email management apps compiled by your NYC Professional Office Organizer. Airmail. This app is great… Continue Reading »

Staying Organized When Your Co-workers Aren’t

It’s hard enough to stay organized in the best of circumstances, but if you are working in a home office with a messy spouse or in a space with co-workers who aren’t organized, it seems near impossible! With these tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer and some initiative, you and your co-workers can eliminate… Continue Reading »

4 Tips for Staying Organized When Traveling for Work

When you travel frequently for work, staying organized can feel complicated and overwhelming. With a few simple strategies and systems in place, your trip will go more smoothly as you’ll be better organized and more productive. Here are a few office organizing tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer to get you started. Bring paperwork… Continue Reading »

Staying Organized in a Shared Workspace

When you share a workspace, whether in an office or in a home office, it can sometimes be a struggle to stay productive and efficient. It’s necessary to keep the space organized in these situations, or overwhelm can quickly set in. Implement these simple office organizing strategies from NYC Professional Office Organizer and you will… Continue Reading »

3 Tips for Staying Organized in Co-Working Workspaces

As the workplace transforms and companies shift from private office spaces to open office concepts, and as employees move from commuting to remote working, co-working spaces have evolved to fit a new need. Co-working workspaces have popped up all over the world and provide their members and community spaces to work both privately and collectively,… Continue Reading »

Go Green With Office Organizing Strategies

Earth Day is this month, and it’s a great time to remind yourself and your colleagues how important it is to take care of the environment. This isn’t just something to do at home – eliminating waste, composting, changing light bulbs, etc. These are all important tasks, but there are also important things we can… Continue Reading »