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How to Reduce the Holiday Season Stress?

While it might seem like it was just July 4th… it’s the beginning of December and the start of the holiday season. If you’re like me, you are juggling lots of balls. There are work tasks to complete. Holiday invitations to send and accept. Gatherings to plan. Gifts to buy. Cards to send. Vacation time… Continue Reading »

Is Email Management the Symptom or the Problem?

My new client, who is an Associate Dean, mentioned needing email management strategies that were customized for her in her initial message to me. Since my job is to uncover the real problem so a realistic goal can be set, I started peeling back the onion. As our conversation continued, I was wondering is email… Continue Reading »

How To Cope With the Anxieties of Going Back to the Office

In March 2022, many offices reopened their doors after a two-year hiatus from the pandemic. However, some office spaces are just getting back into the groove of normalcy and lifting certain pandemic protocols, especially those in bigger cities. Plus, for those with hybrid or optional in-office workdays, people are making use of reopened workspaces now… Continue Reading »

Tools To Help You Organize Your Workspace Surface

Does your workspace feel cluttered and cramped? A messy desk or workbench can leave you feeling unproductive and distracted while you’re trying to work. Whether you’re working from home or simply wish to clean up your home office, here are some helpful tools to help you organize your workspace surface. Laptop and Monitor Stands Laptops… Continue Reading »

Simple Ways To Organize When You Have ADHD

Establishing an organizational system at home can seem like the last thing someone with ADHD would want to do. However, organizing can prove extremely beneficial to those of us who live with ADHD, as it helps create structure. Integrating structure into our lives helps the ADHD brain thrive, as it can lead us to further… Continue Reading »