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Calendar Options for an Organized Office in 2019

Here’s a goal for 2019 – no more missed deadlines, no more arriving late to meetings, and no more skipped calls! The office organizing secret to achieving your goals – use a calendar. Whether you prefer a virtual calendar or a physical calendar, you can utilize both to stay organized and on top of all your tasks, meetings, and calls. Here are this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s top calendar tools to help keep you organized this year.


Fantastical 2. If you are an Apple product user, then this may be the calendar app for you. An excellent feature is the ability to convert a short audio message into an event. Beyond the typical daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views available, Fantastical 2 also offers the Day Ticker which allows you to view and manage your events in a simple way.

Google Calendar. Though you may already use this tool on your computer, the Google Calendar app is a good product in its own right. With a clean and bright interface, this app has all the calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly) and syncs with your Gmail account so you can quickly create events based on your emails. A bonus to this app is the reminder settings that you can have sent to you via email or pop-up on your device, plus the ability to include your to-do list makes it a win.

Outlook. If you aren’t a Gmail user, then you probably love Outlook. This calendar app not only connects with your Outlook email accounts, but it also ties in with other popular apps like Facebook, Evernote, and Wunderlist to create calendar events. An additional fun feature is the “Interesting Calendars” where you can subscribe to calendar events like your favorite TV show airings.

Shift.Cal. If your work patterns consist more of work shifts, then this app is for you. Shift.Cal is for Android and allows you to create predetermined shift schedules with space to make notes of overtime hours and other stats. This app includes an alarm function, plus the ability to backup and restore your calendar which can be very important!


Panda Planners. These planners are focused on one quarter at a time, with the belief that a shorter focused timespan makes it easier to attain 90-day goals. With a unique daily, weekly, and monthly view, the goal of this planner is to find a work-life balance and stay focused on completely tasks in order to reach your larger goals.

Day Designer. This planner focuses on a daily planning page and includes pages of tools for long-term planning and goal setting. It includes space for calls and appointments, a to-do list, a reminder section, plus a top three focus for each day, allowing you to prioritize essential actions to reach your goals.

Franklin Covey. Not sure what kind of planner you prefer? This brand of planner products offers a variety of styles to fit your needs. Franklin Covey offers a wide variety of products like forms, tabs and inserts that you can mix and match to work for you. This standard calendar system is classic and flexible, and a great resource for someone who wants to explore their calendar preferences.

Stay organized and productive at work this year by tracking your appointments, tasks, and projects in your calendar. For more hands-on office organizing strategies, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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