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A Checklist to Help Prepare for Your Home or Office Move

relocatingWhether you’re relocating a few blocks away or to a new state, moving is a daunting task. Both home and office moves are stressful, especially in the city where the logistics of packing and transporting everything to a new location can be tricky. The key to not only surviving the move, but also alleviating the anxiety that comes with such a big change is to create and follow a plan.

Our NYC Professional Organizer has helped countless clients prepare for both home and office moves, and in her experience the items below are absolute musts for your moving checklist.

  • Purge Before You Pack: Before you set out to pack for your home or office move, sort through your items and donate or toss anything you no longer use or need. Our NYC Professional Organizer points out that the benefits are twofold: you’ll have fewer items to pack and transport and it will help get you in the right mindset for a fresh start.
  • Don’t Just Bank on Your Bank: For distant moves, be sure to check with your bank to see if your account is transferable to your new location. If not, close your account and create a new one with a bank that covers your new home or office. Be sure to leave your new address with your old bank in case they need to reach you.
  • Check Your Insurance: Let your insurance agent know that you’ll be moving and ask how your needs may change under these circumstances. You may find that you’ll need less coverage if you’re downsizing or more if you’ll be moving to a larger space.
  • Utilities: The last thing you want to do when you start to unpack at your new place is to realize that you have no electricity. Work with your telephone, cable, internet, gas, water, electric, and garbage removal representatives to set up cut-off dates and establish start dates at your new location to make your move-in as smooth as possible.
  • For the Record: If you’ll be moving out of the city, ensure that you have the complete medical records for all family members and pets. Also have your records forwarded if you have already established new healthcare providers or coordinate having them forwarded on a later date to allow you time to find new doctors, dentists, veterinarians, etc.
  • Manage Your Address Change: The USPS offers online change of address forms, but you should personally notify specific people and organizations, such as:

o   Friends & Family

o   Magazines (They should be given notice 4 – 6 weeks out)

o   Credit Card Companies

o   The Motor Vehicle Bureau & the Office of Voter registration

o   Investment Firms and Pension Funds

o   The Social Security Office and the IRS

o   Your Workplace, your Alma mater and your children’s schools

o   Any National associations or clubs you belong to

Of course, our NYC Professional Organizer does recommend customizing the list to best reflect your needs for your home or office move, as you may find that additional tasks must be added or some listed above are unnecessary. To make your move even more seamless, reach out to our NYC Professional Organizer. She’ll coordinate your home or office move to help you pack, travel and move-in stress-free!

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