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Conquer the Clutter – 4 Simple Steps from the Professional Organizer in NYC


organized shelvesYou want simplicity and calm in your home. We all do! You know that decluttering is the first step, but sometimes just figuring out where to start can be completely overwhelming! The key is getting rid of items you don’t use and putting everything else in its own space. Sounds simple, right? It truly can be!

The Professional Organizer in NYC understands the challenge of getting started, so here are her 4 simple steps to conquer clutter.

  1. Decide to start. Yes, make the commitment and dive right in! Start with the biggest Combat Zones – the room in your home that makes you cringe the most. Pick the room that holds the most clutter, and tackle that room first. You will feel relief and newfound motivation after you complete your biggest problem area! Then you can tackle other rooms head on with ease.
  2. Divide large spaces into small spaces. You feel anxious when looking at your biggest Combat Zones as a whole. So much clutter! But, the key here is to break those zones into smaller zones. Then each project becomes easier to manage and you feel less overwhelmed. You will be able to see your progress as you conquer the clutter in each smaller area!
  3. Start with a clear space. Here’s a tip from the Professional Organizer in NYC: when you begin to organize a space (like a shelf, drawer, cabinet, etc.), clear it off completely and start with a blank slate. Then you can sort through those previously-housed items from that space into three piles: trash, donate, and keep. Return items to be kept to the space (and now give thought to containers or other storage solutions), throw away the trash, and schedule time to donate those items you are no longer using.
  4. Set aside time. You don’t need to dedicate hours on end to the decluttering process. By taking 15 to 30 minutes to tackle specific areas of your home, you’ll be able to make great progress without feeling that you are in over your head. For example, set a timer for 15 minutes and clear out a shelf or two on your overflowing bookshelf. Once the timer goes off, admire your now decluttered space and reward yourself!

Decluttering does not have to be a struggle. The key for maintaining a clutter free space is to assign a home to every item and be sure to return each item to its home after using it. Incorporating this habit into your daily routine is key. Using these 4 simple steps from the Professional Organizer in NYC, you will soon have your home organized and clutter free!

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