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Declutter First – Start Small

Schedule Decluttering TimeI am working with a client whose life has been very busy and as a result her stuff has taken over her home.  Every surface is covered with clothing, shoes, linens, papers… and the list goes on.  She is now ready to regain control of her space and has realized that the assistance of a NYC professional organizer is necessary to accomplish her goals. Though I am here to help her, I’ve explained that she needs to understand that it will take time to achieve her objectives.

We are starting small and staying focused.  We are identifying a specific starting point and are concentrating our efforts in that area until it is decluttered.  I want our progress to be evident and this is the best way to achieve that objective.

In addition to the days that I will be working with her, I have asked my client to make a commitment to spend a little time every day on this project. In my years as a NYC professional organizer I’ve learned that the most successful clients are those that are committed to completing their tasks even when I am not there to oversee them. At this point, the issue is not the amount of time devoted to this task on a daily basis but the cumulative amount of time spent over the course of a week.  My client is sure to find that as she gets more engaged in the process her endurance will increase and as a result she will spend additional time on this task.

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