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Digital Organizing Tips for Hybrid Work Success

This is the next installment in my series about making an efficient transition to hybrid work. As previously mentioned, the goal is to easily transition from your home office to work office and back. I have already focused on using a checklist to make sure that all the essentials are always with you and to be strategic about packing your backpack or bag. Once you settle in to work, quick access to your to do list, files and meeting notes will be important. Here are some digital organizing tips for hybrid work success.

1. Convert to a Digital To Do List.

While a paper to do list may be your preferred way to manage tasks, it can also create some additional challenges. This is one item that must be on your packing list and move with you between work locations. Consider the issue should the list be left in your other work location. Your day won’t start as smoothly as you try to re-create the list of that day’s must do’s. This may be the time to start using one of the digital task lists like todoist so that you eliminate this unnecessary stress.

2. Clear the Clutter on your Desktop.

I always recommend clearing the desktop clutter to my clients. This is an especially good idea with hybrid working. If you don’t have your own desk in the office, one of the only places to keep information so that it stays on your radar and can be quickly accessed is your computer desktop. I’m suggesting that this space be used as a staging area or in lieu of a physical inbox. This should be considered a temporary parking spot and the documents should be deleted or filed once the related task is done.

3. Simplify your Digital Filing System.  

While a traditional paper filing system is not compatible with hybrid work, a well-organized digital filing system will be a lifesaver. Take a few minutes to assess your current digital system. Keep in mind that an effective filing system should have a simple file structure, a minimal number of main folders, and be easy to quickly navigate.

4. Keep your Meeting Notes Accessible.

If you prefer to hand write meeting notes like many of my clients, having access to that pad or notebook whenever needed will be key. This could be one more item for your checklist. An alternative would be to either start taking notes on your laptop or with an app on another device. If you prefer to use paper and pen, consider scanning and filing the notes at the end of each meeting or as part of your end of day routine. This way you’ll always have access to them regardless of your location.

I hope that these digital organizing tips ensure your hybrid work success. Here are some additional tips to consider when hybrid working. What else are you doing as you transition between work locations?  Share here.  

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