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Donate and Recycle Your Home Office Clutter in NYC

Keeping an organized and clutter free home office is imperative to creating a productive workspace. Clutter affects everything from your ability to find important project files to your ability to focus on the tasks at hand. As you take the time to declutter your space, think about how you can donate or recycle the items you no longer need or use. Here are some of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s favorite local places to donate.

Clothing. I’m sure if you looked in your closet right now, there would be plenty of articles of clothing that you no longer wear. Instead of using home office space to store clothing you no longer use, donate it and free up that space. For men’s clothing, try Career Gear. Career Gear is an organization that provides men with interview clothing, motivation, and support to find jobs and keep them. They accept business suits, ties, dress shirts, shoes, and other accessories for interviews. For women’s clothing, try Dress for Success. Dress for Success is an organization that helps low-income women transition back into the workforce by providing them with interview clothing, career development tools, and support. They accept gently-used business clothing, suits, and shoes.

Old computers, printers, and other electronics. This is a huge clutter issue! Have you upgraded your computer and still have your old one taking up valuable space on your office bookshelf? Or perhaps you have an older printer that stopped working just taking up space in your closet. Get rid of these items once and for all by recycling or donating them. For electronics that are still in working condition, try Materials for the Arts. Not only do they accept working electronics, but also office supplies and other items, using these items to support arts and cultural organizations, public schools, and community arts programs. For electronics that are no longer working, recycle them at the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Not only can you recycle at their facility, they also provide neighborhood recycling events throughout the city.

Other miscellaneous items. You have probably heard the old adage – one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure! This is true with home office clutter as well. If you are ready to part ways with office supplies, home office decor, books, other housewares you’ve been storing in your home office space – try bringing them to one of the cities Stop N’ Swap events. This is a free community reuse event where you can bring any clean, portable, reusable item. You can swap for something you need, or just donate to someone else. There are regular events scheduled across NYC.

When you donate or recycle your unwanted home office items, you are not only keeping them out of landfills, but you are getting them out of your own personal space, too. For more home office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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