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Effective Ways to Use Color in the Workplace

When it comes to improving business operations and efficiency, there are so many methods to choose from. One such method that can often be overshadowed is color. Here are some effective ways to use color in the workplace that you may not have already tried.

Color-Code Files

Many offices still have cabinets full of files, and they can quickly become a disorganized mess. Perhaps the best way color can be used in this case is by color-coding files. By using colored folders or file tabs to distinguish between information categories, you can more quickly access a document as well as more easily file new documents.

Label Office Wiring

Another item in abundance is office wiring. All the cables for your computer can be difficult to put back together during an office move, too. Labeling each cable for computers and phones is an incredibly effective way to use color in the workplace. There are also other ways you can organize office wiring, such as by using zip ties, having a power strip, and more. All these methods will make managing your office equipment easier whether for the day-to-day or during a move.

Organize Spreadsheets

There is no shortage of spreadsheets in the workplace, and the best way to have them all make sense is to use color. This can make a spreadsheet easier to read and present the information in a far more user-friendly manner.

Set the Mood

Color also comes with a lot of hidden psychology that can influence the overall workplace. A common place where color is used the most is on office walls. Colors such as green and blue give off a relaxing vibe, while yellow and orange can bring employees joy. Red is another vibrant color that can excite employees. Creating a workplace environment that appeals to your employees is incredibly important for morale and productivity…using color is a good place to start.


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