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Email Management Tips… No More Junk Emails!

How much time are you spending at the office going through all those emails which have nothing to do with the tasks on your to-do list? It’s easy to get lost in an overflowing inbox, especially if you are a chronic subscriber of newsletter lists. Instead of wasting time weeding through unimportant emails trying to find those messages you actually need (or want) to read, you can apply these simple email management tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC to help cut down on the unwanted email in your inbox.

Use that spam button. Email services have gotten better over time at automatically flagging incoming spam messages, but they aren’t perfect. If you find yourself getting a lot of spam, don’t simply delete – make sure you are marking these emails as spam (and remember – don’t click any links inside these types of emails!). By marking an email spam, your service provider will be more likely to recognize similar spam messages in the future. Note: because it’s easy to mark an email spam by mistake, take time to occasionally review the contents of your spam folder and make sure that all of the emails actually belong there.

Be protective of your email address. You probably don’t consider your email address to be a piece of your identity, but it is. Just like you safeguard your address, phone number, and birth date, be strategic concerning how and when you share your email address. Consider setting up a separate email address that you only use when signing up for a mailing list, ads from your local grocery store, or to download a freebie from a website. The quickest way to cut down on unwanted email is to place limitations on when you’ll share your email address.

Make sure you unsubscribe. Instead of checking your email inbox and immediately deleting unwanted emails, take the time to actually go into each email and unsubscribe from the mailing list. Every email that is coming into your inbox from a mailing list includes a link that will let you unsubscribe. By just deleting these emails, you are still allowing them to send future emails, further cluttering up your inbox. Instead, take 15 seconds if you truly aren’t reading these emails and unsubscribe so you longer receive them. Save your inbox only for emails you have time to read.

These three simple email management tips will help you cut down on unwanted email and spam that you don’t want nor have the time to read. You can use the time saved from not having to deal with these emails and use it to focus on the emails that really require your attention and a response. For more email management tips to help you keep your inbox flowing at work, reach out to your Professional Organizer in NYC.

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