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Is Email Management the Symptom or the Problem?

My new client, who is an Associate Dean, mentioned needing email management strategies that were customized for her in her initial message to me. Since my job is to uncover the real problem so a realistic goal can be set, I started peeling back the onion. As our conversation continued, I was wondering is email… Continue Reading »

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Many people love to focus on the positive aspects that come from being in a leadership position. It’s rare to hear mention of the mental and emotional difficulties that can arise when your position is promoted. Being responsible for the well-being and management of a team can feel stressful, seeing as you want to do… Continue Reading »

To Check Email or Not While on Vacation

With the beginning of the summer travel season right around the corner, it’s time to determine your strategy for managing email during your upcoming vacation. Closing your inbox and avoiding checking email while on vacation may not be possible. What if you miss something important? What if a client needs something? It can be hard… Continue Reading »

Email Management Tips to Ditch Overload

Email overload is a problem in the workplace as it directly affects productivity. The McKinsey Global Institute found in 2016 that an average employee spends 28% of their work week reading and responding to email, which is approximately 13 hours a week. Spending over a quarter of your work week reading and responding to emails… Continue Reading »

Email Management Tips to Help Communicate Efficiently at Work

Want to spend less time sorting and responding to emails at work? Start by composing clear and concise emails. This will ultimately save you time and keep communication flowing. Utilizing these email management tips from this NYC Professional Office Organizer will allow you to create focused and concise emails that will facilitate communication in your… Continue Reading »

Email Tech Tools That Will Simplify Your Work Day

Juggling all of the emails and tasks that come to you on any given workday is no small feat. Utilizing the many tech tools on the market that are designed to simplify your life are beneficial for all businesses. You can use tech tools to organize, to automate, and to increase efficiency and productivity in… Continue Reading »