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Essential Tips for Designing an Office Waiting Room

Your office’s waiting room is the first place patients and guests see when they arrive. You should establish a pleasant and professional environment for everyone entering your doors. Read on to discover a fewessential tips for designing an office waiting room.

Make the Reception Desk Your Focal Point

The reception desk should be the very first thing anyone sees when they walk into your office area. The desk should be spacious enough to accommodate phones, computers, printers, and more without looking cluttered and disorganized. Choose a shape that adequately fits your space; don’t be afraid to invest a little extra money for luxurious furnishings.

Create a Comfortable Seating Area

Your workplace must be professional and appealing, and it should fit your visitors comfortably. Calculate how many waiting room seats your visitors will need when you’re busiest keeping in mind COVID guidelines. Then, add a few tables, televisions, and other items to make the space more welcoming. Choose ergonomically designed chairs so people can feel relaxed while they wait.

Carefully Choose Your Lighting

The lighting you choose goes a long way toward setting the comfort level and atmosphere you’re looking to project. Gentle, bright lights create a tranquil and luxurious setting, while low and warm lighting creates a folksy and cozy vibe. Avoid harsh artificial lighting like fluorescent bulbs, which can be unpleasant and make your room look unsightly.

Consider Adding a Fish Tank

Ever wonder why most offices have fish tanks in their reception area? That’s because they’re a combination of vibrant, soothing, and elegant visuals that boost people’s moods when they see them. Adding a touch of nature to your office can significantly improve employee morale, too.

Provide Refreshments

You don’t need to have a lavish buffet spread for people who walk in. However, having a water station where people can grab a cup to drink can make them feel appreciated. Place a table with drinks in an easy-to-spot area, preferably across from the reception desk. Remember that COVID is still a concern and be guided accordingly.

With these essential tips for designing an office waiting room, you can ensure the people who walk through your doors immediately sense your professionalism. Having more relaxed and comfortable clients and guests goes a long way toward bringing in new and repeat business.

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