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Family Communication 101: Creating an Ideal Communication Station

NYC Professional Organizer, Paper filing tips, Home Office OrganizingIt’s said “communication is key.” Does your family subscribe to that notion, or are you all constantly playing catch up with one another, never quite getting in sync? If you and your family identify with the latter, this week’s NYC professional organizer post all about creating a family communication center is for you!

It’s going to take more than paper filing tips and home office organizing advice, but with a little motivation and my family communication center creation suggestions below, you and your family will be on the path to greater communication and, in turn, greater organization:

The Essentials

  • A signature space – you don’t need a lot of space to create an ideal spot for your family’s communication center, but you DO need a specific space, designated for communication needs. This could be a small desk and chair in the corner of your living room, a small closet transformed into a mini office space, or even just a nicely organized “information wall” on the inside of your pantry door.
  • A calendar – preferably something like a whiteboard, or large, mounted desk calendar that can be written on and updated as things change. This NYC professional organizer has learned time and time again that visibility is key in keeping everyone on the same page with monthly schedules!
  • A posting board – possibly something made of cork, a peg board, or even a magnetic chalk board; this is the place where paper organization reigns. Post things like report cards, important assignments and invitations here for all to see.
  • A tray or file folder for each family member – One of our essential paper filing tips, this system creates one spot to collect important notices and information that require a response or will be needed for an upcoming appointment.
  • A bin/bowl – the designated home for keys or paper clips, as all items in the communication center should be assigned a specific place.
  • A mounted notepad – to keep note of things like grocery lists, family to-do’s, and items to purchase on your next mall outing, visible so all can access.
  • A charging station – if you have the outlets and space available, consider making this the place for all of your communication devices. Added bonus – fewer wires and chargers all over your home!

Incorporating just a portion of these suggestions from your NYC professional organizer into your family’s newly-designed communication center will help streamline your busy lives. Your new communication station will help you to be informed of where each family member is and when, and will help you all remain connected even during those extremely chaotic weeks.

The final key message this NYC professional organizer will leave you with – encourage family participation in setting up and managing the communication center! This will help even the youngest members of the family to begin developing good organizing habits.  Happy family communication!

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