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Getting your Paperwork Organized for a Transition-Case Study

Getting your paperwork organized can be a challenging project. The piles can be overwhelming and then there are the decisions that need to be made. To keep or toss? This process is much more of a challenge when you are facing one of life’s transitions. This was the case for my client’s mother who is part of the senior community. It was time to sort through years of paperwork as she prepared to spend half of the year in NY and the rest in Florida.  

The thought of having to organize, toss, and shred years of accumulated papers overwhelmed my client’s mother. Even though she had had a lengthy business career and was used to dealing with paperwork, this was a monumental task.  As I told her during our first meeting, it is always more difficult to organize your own paperwork. The real challenge is getting started and once this happens the process gets easier.

Our objective was to clean out the 4 file drawers in her den. I divided this task into a series of tasks so that we had a very specific focus. As we methodically sorted through the drawers, we identified those documents, like her lease, that needed to be kept handy and those that could be archived and stored offsite. We re-organized the drawers as the contents was streamlined. Those confidential documents that needed to be shredded were collected and ready for the shredding company to pickup and shred.

By the time we finished, there were a couple of file boxes to be put into storage and a re-organized file cabinet where all documents could be quickly accessed. My client’s mother was extremely happy that this task was done and had been much easier than she had anticipated.

Testimonial: “My mom cannot speak highly enough about how helpful it was having the support of a warm and easy going person that she came to trust with her highly confidential information. I could not be more pleased myself to recommend Stephanie and The Organizing Zone to anyone who wants to have this type of support for themselves and more importantly provide that support to someone they love and treasure.” – Business Coach

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