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Give the Gift of Organization… NYC Professional Organizer Approved Gifts for Your Desk!

Office Organizing Ideas for the HomeDecember is upon us, and we are all gearing up for the holidays.  One of the last, most stressful, down-to-the-last-minute tasks everyone has at this time of year is Gift Hunting.  So this month, your NYC Professional Organizer has a few ideas for giving your loved ones the gift of organization.  And, as you yourself should be at the top of your list of loved ones, you can choose some nice items for yourself as well, or forward this blog to someone who might be looking to stuff your stocking this year.

Today we’ll be looking at some great items for the office.  I want your office to be more than just the place you go to five days a week.  I want it to be a place of organization, of creativity, and of beauty.  A place where you can do your best work, and be your best self.  Take a look around your office, and notice all the workaday items you use — your stapler, your paperclip holder, your inbox, your pencil cup.  What if all these items were popping with delightful colors and nifty designs?  At Poppin you’ll find a fabulous assortment of tape dispensers, desk trays, picture frames, rulers, scissors, mouse pads, calculators and more, in a rainbow assortment of colors.  You can mix and match individual items, or order desk sets in all configurations. As you choose your favorites, remember this advice from your NYC Professional Organizer: the best organizing products are the ones that work for YOU!

If you like color, but with a more refined style, then See Jane Work is just the site for you.  They offer office accessories in designer collections such as Kate Spade, Pierre Belvedere, Kmono London, Jonathan Adler, and more.  See Jane Work also has a special section for travel, including smaller, wheeled suitcases, toiletry cases, travel accessories, carry-on bags, and more.

If your gift recipient is a little gizmo-oriented, try  Type in “office” and be ready for a display of handy, colorful, and cleverly designed items to make your electronics easier to access and prettier to look at.  They offer micro cable cord key chains and a plethora of USB accessories (including a leather-tasseled USB Power Link, of which your NYC Professional Organizer is particularly fond).  Of course, if you read my blog a while ago about solving cable cord conundrums, then you know I’m a big fan of  There you’ll find such items as colorful and unique extension cords and cord organizers, flexible power strips, smart covers for your IPads, portable battery chargers for your USB devices (when a computer hook up is not available), and other handy (and quirky) devices.

Happy gift hunting!

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