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What Office Cleaning Supplies Are the Most Essential?

Working in a dirty, unkempt office affects you and your co-workers negatively. It’s not healthy, may limit productivity, and worsen the moods of everyone around you. Thus, knowing what office cleaning supplies are the most essential gives you an idea of how to combat the germs and grime in your space. Disinfectant Cleaners Having disinfectant… Continue Reading »

3 Office Organizing Case Studies

Here’s a sampling of m office organizing case studies. Whether we are talking about a business office, home office, or paperwork, the process starts out the same. My client and I discuss their project and clearly identify their goal. Once this is done, I then prioritize the tasks to be done and guide them through… Continue Reading »

How to Organize Your Office Before Vacation – 5 tips

If you’re like me, you’ll be taking some time off during the holidays. With all the pre-holiday activities coupled with getting the essential work tasks completed, your office has probably gotten cluttered. Here’s how to organize your office before vacation and what I’ll be doing. This way you can get right back to work in… Continue Reading »

Give the Gift of Organization… NYC Professional Organizer Approved Gifts for Your Desk!

December is upon us, and we are all gearing up for the holidays.  One of the last, most stressful, down-to-the-last-minute tasks everyone has at this time of year is Gift Hunting.  So this month, your NYC Professional Organizer has a few ideas for giving your loved ones the gift of organization.  And, as you yourself… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Organizer Strategies for Surviving the Actual Move

It‘s the final week before the movers arrive. You’ve organized, purged, and prepared for  the inevitable upheaval that moving brings. Your NYC Professional Organizer says that now is the time to prepare your “Survival Kit.” These are the items that you will take with you, rather than putting on the moving truck, to ease your… Continue Reading »