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Home & Office Moves Made Easy with Apps

As an NYC professional organizer, I have some good technology tips for your next move, be it an office move or a residential one.  MovingBoxes

Indeed, I work with clients to facilitate moves on a frequent basis, and would be more than happy to provide support during your home or office move! Who couldn’t use a hand during such an overwhelming time after all?

Something I’ve observed all too often is clients, and even friends, trying to re-create the wheel when it comes to moving. People get so stressed that they lose track of organizing principles along the way, one of which is to use the game plan other people have developed when the game plan is a great one.

This is where moving apps come in. Remember: a well-used smart phone is like having a personal assistant. And putting some good moving apps on yours is like getting a personal assistant with moving expertise.

To get things rolling, I recommend My Moving List (for iPhone) and Moving Planner (for Android), both of which do a nice job of keeping you on track for what needs to be done and knowing when to do it. For most of us, a written list just doesn’t do it anymore. Can a written list ring an alarm bell telling you to return the rental moving truck or risk a late fee? Not exactly!

If these apps are useful for the geometry-level problems of moving (and they are!), one to consider for calculus-level issues is My Move (iPhone and Android) which helps you find and review moving companies, calculate the size of the moving truck you need, and create barcodes and labels for boxes!

As organizing tips go, making solid use of your smart phone during a home or office move is a no-brainer. You simply have to take advantage of technology to de-stress and streamline on this important day. Take it from your NYC professional organizer: You owe yourself this much!

So, get that phone loaded with at least one app to help get you through that upcoming move. Then, and this is important, take the 15 to 20 minutes to learn how to use it well. By taking advantage of my organizing tips for a home or office move, you’ll wind up having a more efficient and way less stressful experience. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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