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Home Office Organizing Case Study: The Mobile Office

My client had downsized and moved from a very large home with an abundance of space into a much smaller home with very limited space. They had set up a home office in a small room that was shared with their laundry machines and needed a home office organizing strategy. Their new home is on a lake with spectacular views of the water. They quickly found that they preferred to do their home office work sitting at the kitchen table looking out at the lake. As a result, the table, kitchen counters and surrounding space got quickly cluttered with papers, files and other materials. The clutter would then spill over into the home office because whenever they had company all the papers and stuff would be quickly gathered up and piled on the desk in home office.

We started this home office organizing project by tackling each of the piles that had collected around the kitchen table…organizing all the loose papers, filing what needed to be filed and recycling or shredding as we went. I guided my client through the decision-making process concerning what to keep and what to discard throughout the decluttering of the kitchen area. We then moved to the home office and started on the piles on the desk that had collected over time as well as the file drawers.

As my client’s goal was to continue working at the kitchen table, I suggested that they purchase a rolling cart that could function as their mobile home office. It had storage space for files and frequently used supplies as well as a place to stow the laptop. When it is time to work, the cart could be moved closer to the table from its parking space nearby so that whatever was needed could be easily accessed from the kitchen table. Whenever company was expected, the cart could be rolled into the home office. Their home office would be used to store overstock office supplies, seasonal items and less frequently needed files.

My client was extremely pleased with this creative solution for organizing their home office. They now have a place to put paperwork that is being or needs to be dealt with along with office supplies that they use in conjunction with any home office tasks. This has left the kitchen counters clear as well as the home office organized.

Organizing and home office organizing especially can require creative solutions.  Reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today to discuss your home office challenges.

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