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Home Office Organizing Ideas for the Holiday Season

Home office organizing ideasSo, it’s the holidays, and you’ve got at least a modicum more time than usual. Now is the perfect opportunity to make a little headway on tuning up that home office of yours.

Home office organizing ideas for the holiday season are exactly what today’s blog is about.

As an NYC professional organizer, I see clients and friends both bite off more than they can chew on a regular basis. We all want to do so much, for so many people, and that tendency can be especially strong this time of year!

So, as you consider home office organizing ideas this holiday season, my first tip is to keep your expectations modest. You will feel a lot better by making a few simple improvements to your space. A reasonable amount of time to a lot would be a few hours – no more!

You should probably plan to spend no more than one-third of that time on your desk. It’s important, and deserves attention, but it’s easy to get “lost” organizing a desk, too. And, remember, we’re doing a holiday tune-up here, not running back-to-back marathons!

So, when it comes to that desk, set a timer and give yourself 10 minutes to identify and throw out pieces of paper that positively and obviously don’t need to be kept any longer.

Then give yourself 10 minutes to do the same thing with non-paper items that can be said goodbye to. That chia pet seemed faintly cheerful three years ago, but does it seem cheerful now? (You know the answer to this!)

Finally, give yourself 10 minutes to remove things from the desktop itself that have become distracting or have created clutter. Very few things have a larger visual or psychological impact than an attractively clear desk!

For each area of your office, practice the same trick. Give yourself a finite amount of time, and make the space better (not necessarily perfect, in other words). Perfection is time-consuming, exhausting, and fleeting. It’s the holidays, right? We’re supposed to be enjoying as many things as we can!

Finally, for home office organizing ideas that clearly require more than just a few hours, this is the perfect season to give yourself (or someone else who could use a boost) the gift of an NYC professional organizer’s services.

I enjoy making people’s lives better – that’s why I went into this business in the first place. And I have to admit that coming into my clients’ homes and taking some of the load off with a home office organizing session is especially satisfying this time of year! Happy holidays, and stay in touch!

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