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Home School Pods Need Organizing Too – Case Study

Just like you, your kids need an effective and efficient space for schoolwork especially if they are doing remote learning. As I tell clients when discussing their home offices, they should have a dedicated workspace with all the essential supplies, materials, and tools readily accessible. The same is true for children. I recently worked with a client to create a more suitable room for her children’s home school pod. Here’s more about this project.

My client has always worked from home and was faced with frequent interruptions from her children who were attending school remotely in her basement. In addition, there were challenges with maximizing the space to both accommodate the students and the other functions that went on in this room.  As the children will eventually go back into the classroom, temporary solutions were needed to maximize the space, address the noise issue, and to be able to easily convert the space for non-school use.


Each student had a workspace with a desk and basic items that they used daily. They were spread out so that they wouldn’t be distracted by each other. Moveable screens were positioned behind them to create less distractions for their virtual classmates. In addition, they all were using headphones so they could stay more focused on zoom.  Space was designated for storing school supplies that were delivered periodically and needed to be consolidated with other supplies. Regarding the rest of the room, space was needed for toys, doing laundry and the cat.


Each student’s workspace was streamlined so it only included the essential materials and supplies needed each day.  A caddy was placed on each desk to keep all the supplies organized and contained. Screens were placed between the students and could be moved behind them as needed. All toys and non-school materials were moved to the toy zone and a table was designated for group activities and lunch. The toy zone was further defined, all the toys stored neatly in this area and ample space allotted for playtime.


“The Organizing Zone saved our at home school pod! Now that we are facing a new semester at home Stephanie created organized spaces that fit the workflows of each student. There were many specific challenges with the space and varied needs due to learning styles and age differences. Stephanie created a functional classroom space within our home, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”  Chief Digital Officer (& working from home mom)

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