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How the Professional Organizer in NYC Can Streamline Your Office Paperwork


file7041249564961One challenge in running a business is handling the never-ending flow of paperwork. Not being able to find documents that you need is not only frustrating, but it can also mean lost time and money. But where do you begin? How do you create a system that the entire office will be able to implement and maintain?

That’s where the Professional Organizer in NYC comes in. Hiring a professional organizer to help you create an organized, streamlined system will allow you to focus your energy on more important work.

Here are the basic steps the Professional Organizer in NYC will take to get your paper management system in place:

  • Create an office filing system. Designate a space in your office for your action files, reference files and those files that need to be archived. Those files that are used most frequently like your payables files should be very accessible to both you and your staff. The reference files don’t need to be kept in prime real estate and the archive can be kept in a storage room. Clearly labelling files and creating a file log will allow your entire office to locate documents quickly.
  • Outline a paperwork flow plan. You’ll need a mapped out plan so that each member of your team will know what to do with each document that crosses their desks. This will save time, money, and confusion as you and your staff will know exactly where each document will end up when you need to locate it.
  • Design a paperwork retention policy and share it with your team. This is something often forgotten. You need a plan in place to help you define which documents you need to keep and for how long. Also, part of your retention plan will be a schedule of when to review and purge files no longer needed, saving you valuable space in your office.
  • Work towards a paperless office. Decide if you will be 100% paperless or have a hybrid system. If you are ready to go paperless, the Professional Organizer in NYC can help you customize a plan to manage all incoming information. Many of the same procedures that apply to creating a paper filing will apply to your digital filing system.

Managing paperwork for an entire office can be a big task, but once a paper management system is in place, you will see your productivity soar! When you are ready to take the leap and get a system set up, the Professional Organizer in NYC is in your corner and can help create a system that helps your business thrive.

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