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How to Clear Digital Clutter – Part 1

I’ve explored why we ignore digital clutter as well as the benefits of clearing it. In reality, clearing digital clutter should be a year-round activity once the main decluttering work is done.  Even though  I’ve shared some general strategies for getting this task done, I’m now doing a deeper dive on how to clear digital clutter. This will ensure that you are not overlooking any areas that are essential to your day-to-day activities. Remember… the goal is to save time and be able to quickly access information or files.

Clear the Digital Clutter on All Devices

It’s easy to have tunnel vision when thinking about digital clutter. You may think that all that needs your attention is your computer. However, that’s not usually the case.  Be sure to check all the areas listed when assessing your situation and create a checklist of tasks to be done in each area. Identity what should be kept so they are accessible; and what is no longer needed and can be deleted. This is a good time to set up archive folders for those items that should be kept for future reference.  As you can’t tackle all of this at one time, prioritize the areas based on importance and frequency of use.

-Your Computer Desktop

-Your Document Filing System

-Your Bookmarked Favorites in all the Browsers you use

-Your Email Inbox and File Folders for all your accounts

-Your Photos

-Your Phone including voicemail messages, texts, old music libraries, podcasts

-Your Apps both on your computer and phone

-Your Contacts

Once you have a prioritized task list, it’s time to focus on each area. Check back to read my next post on scheduling time to get this done. If you have any questions concerning how to clear digital clutter, let’s talk.

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