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How to Clear Digital Clutter – Part 4

Check… Your digital decluttering project is finally done!! It took longer than anticipated but you stuck with it and crossed the finish line. Congratulations!! However, your work is not completely done. Yes, you did a thorough assessment to identify all the digital clutter followed by creating a gameplan and then got to work. To keep… Continue Reading »

How to Clear Digital Clutter – Part 3

Once you’ve done a thorough assessment to identify the extent of digital clutter in your life and created a gameplan for tackling it, the real work begins. Today I’m going to focus on the next steps and want to share these 7 tips for clearing digital clutter.   One point to remember before reviewing these… Continue Reading »

How to Clear Digital Clutter – Part 1

I’ve explored why we ignore digital clutter as well as the benefits of clearing it. In reality, clearing digital clutter should be a year-round activity once the main decluttering work is done.  Even though  I’ve shared some general strategies for getting this task done, I’m now doing a deeper dive on how to clear digital… Continue Reading »

Why Do We Ignore Digital Clutter

When you think of clutter, your first thoughts probably go to those piles of papers and stuff that you have been ignoring.  Yes, they should be addressed. However, there is one area that also gets cluttered and is easier to overlook…. Your digital life which includes your computer, phone, other devices. The question is why… Continue Reading »

The Benefits of Successful Recordkeeping in Your Business

From purchase receipts to client information, businesses accumulate a stockpile of records daily. Compared to past practices, new digital filing systems and electronic paperwork make recordkeeping a more streamlined process. They allow businesses to create and use algorithms and apps to help systematize, store, and secure collected data. However, despite technological advancements, you still need… Continue Reading »

How to Get Organized for Next Tax Season

This year’s tax filing deadline was last week. Hopefully your taxes have been filed and now it’s a matter of clearing those random documents that are scattered about. The ultimate goal should be to have a simple and effective system for collecting each year’s tax documents. This system usually evolves over time and can be… Continue Reading »