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How to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Whether you run a home-based business, telecommute from home a few days a week, or need a space to organize the paperwork in your house, a functioning home office is a necessity. Not every home has an obvious space, such as a spare bedroom or an extra large master bedroom, that can serve the purpose of a home office. In many cases, you need to get creative! Here are a few tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC to help you create a space for your home office.

It’s not uncommon for a home office space to serve multiple purposes, and that’s okay! There are a number of solutions that can make a shared space more functional. An armoire designed to hold office equipment and supplies can work well as a contained office space. You can open the doors when working, and easily hide paperwork and clutter when you are not working. Another idea is utilizing a screen to separate your office space from the rest of the room. Get creative and use a screen that also has a bulletin board or dry-erase board on it. You can then hang and write out notes, reminders, and more.

If a desk simply won’t fit in a small space, utilize deep shelves hung on the wall as a desktop and storage for files and supplies. In even smaller spaces where you need to utilize your dining table as a desk surface, keep a rolling cart stored in a closet that holds office supplies and files and that can easily be stored away when you are finished working. Another option is putting a desk along a wall, keeping the office space out of the way of the main living area. You can even try a nontraditional space, like a closet or an alcove. Use shelves in these small spaces to create a workspace and additional storage.

The key to creating a home office in a small home is utilizing the space you do have. That means go vertical! Use wall space to store your office supplies. Create a command center using calendars, bulletin boards, and dry erase boards on a wall near your desk. Shelving can be used to store items, files, and even include a charging station for your laptop and tablet.

Having a small living space does not mean you can’t have a functioning home office space. All it takes is a little creative energy and these tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC and you will have a working home office in no time! Need some extra help? Reach out for more tips!

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