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How to Declutter the Office

Spring decluttering doesn’t only apply to your home. It’s also time to think about how to declutter the office and where to start. Your office could also benefit from a decluttering blitz especially if you haven’t spent much time in it over the past year. Doing this now will help get your space ready to welcome back staff in the coming months. If you’re not sure how best to tackle this task, check out this blog as it details a simple process for getting it done.

Once you know how best to proceed, here are some areas to target.

1. Broken or damaged equipment. Gather all the old electronics and equipment that no longer work and recycle them accordingly.

2. Items that are not used. Start with the boxes of printed letterhead that is never needed since a digital template has been created and is used. Sort through the label stock, sheet protectors and phone message books in your supply room. Set aside all items that you no longer need and make room for the supplies that are needed.

3. Abandoned projects. Collect all marketing materials from failed promotions or products/services that aren’t being offered any longer. Archive a couple of samples and recycle the remainder. Also gather drafts, prototypes, mockups for projects that didn’t move forward.

4. Expired items. Be sure to assess the contents of your office kitchen especially if you haven’t been in your space regularly over the past year. Check the dates on snacks, cereal and other food products that are sitting in your cabinets and toss those items with expired dates.

Now that you know how to declutter the office and have cleared the excess, considering scheduling a decluttering sweep twice a year. If you have questions concerning your decluttering task, reach out and I’ll share a couple of tips.

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