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How to Achieve Organizing Goals?

It’s not only spring but Earth Day is also this week. This is the perfect opportunity to shed the clutter that has collected in your office and home over the past year. If you are onboard with getting this done, make this your organizing goal and get started. How to achieve organizing goals is the question. Here’s a simple process for getting organized while keeping Earth Day in mind.

1. Make sure that your decluttering and organizing goal is very specific. Identify a specific area in your office like the supply cabinet or a room in your home like the kitchen as your focus.

2. Assign a definitive deadline for completing the task. Like any other project or task that is on your to-do list, a date should be assigned to it. If not, this task will constantly be pushed further down the list as there will always be a more important task that needs to be done.

3. Create a simple plan for achieving your goal. It should include a limited number of tasks that need to be done to complete the job.

4. Ask a friend, colleague or family member to be your accountability partner. They can help brainstorm organizing solutions once the decluttering is done, provide support and encouragement, and celebrate with you once the work is finished.

5. Get started with an easy task like doing a sweep of the space removing those items where the decisions are quick and easy. Stop after 30 minutes and schedule additional blocks of time.

In honor of Earth Day and as well as all year long, remember to Recycle, Re-purpose and Re-use those items that you no longer want. Since recycling is part of daily life at this point, the process for disposing of plastic, paper, etc. should be known. If you need storage containers in your closets or drawers, look at the items that you are discarding with a different eye. Be creative and in setting up new storage solutions. Those items like cell phones, clothing and computers that are in good condition are perfect for those less fortunate so find ways that they can be re-used.

I hope that these tips will answer the “how to achieve organizing goals” question for you.  Please reach out to share creative ways that you have re-purposed items in your home or office.

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