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How to Keep Your Shoes Organized


ef8J9YuX-0Memorial Day has come and gone, the warm weather seems to be sticking around, and that can mean only one thing – time to store away those boots for good and welcome back the sandals! The question now is how do you go about storing your cold weather shoes so they are ready to use next season? And what are you doing with the shoes you plan to wear this summer?

If you’ve ever had a morning where you had to search through a pile of shoes to find the mate to your favorite pair, then you know how important organizing can be! The Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing practical storage and organizing tips to keep your shoe collection organized.

What to use: Often shoes end up in a pile in the closet or corner of the room. You don’t need a large closet or a large budget to develop a more organized system! This is where you can get creative. If your closet space is limited, you can use storage boxes under your bed. Try and use clear boxes so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. You can also use the box the shoes came in, or if using dark or printed boxes, attach a picture of the shoe to the side. Another option for small space is an over the door shoe organizer, which will help keep your closet floor clear. If you have the space in your closet, a shoe rack, shelves, or cubbies will keep your shoes off the floor but still organized.

How to sort: If you have a wide variety of shoes in your collection, sort first by style. Keep flats together, heels together, tennis shoes together, etc. This way when you go to grab a pair of flats to wear to the office, you aren’t searching through a stack of tennis shoes to find the ones you want. Next, sort by color. This will make it easier to find the black heels to wear with your black dress! You should also arrange your collection so that the shoes you use most frequently are easily accessible.

How to store: If you have a large closet space, then very possibly it can accommodate your entire shoe collection. But if your space is limited, storage of your out-of-season shoes is key. Before storing, make sure that any salt stains left over from the snowy months have been removed. Now is a good time to take your boots and cold weather shoes in for any repairs, if necessary. For boots, use a shoe tree or stuff them will rolled up newspaper or magazines to help them retain their shape. Next, you can store them away in the box they came in if you still have it, or another storage box. Make sure that the box is the appropriate size so that you aren’t bending or crushing your boots in any way.

An important tip from the Professional Organizer in NYC to keeping your shoes organized – get rid of what you don’t wear because they are too uncomfortable, no longer in style or just worn out! Consider recycling or donating those sneaker or shoes that still have some miles left in them. Keep your closet space for only the shoes you love and wear!

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