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How To Make Your Office Space Feel Like Home

If you spend eight hours a day in your workplace, an uninspiring or uncomfortable office makes the day feel longer, potentially leading to a lack of productivity at work. Nothing can replace the comforts of home; however, there are ways to make your office space feel like home. Let’s look at a few tips and tricks to make your office comfy.

Declutter the Space

First, you need to declutter the area. Clutter is distracting and takes away from the ambiance of your space. Here are some helpful ideas to get your office decluttered:

  • Throw away trash.
  • Put all writing utensils in a cup or desk drawer.
  • File all unfiled papers.
  • Tidy up cords with rubber bands or designated cord organizers.

Your desk needs only a paper pad, pens, a computer, and screens. Everything else can go in a drawer or container or on a shelf.

Add Some Plants

Plants bring nature and texture into a room. They also produce oxygen and can literally breathe fresh life into your office space. Set large potted plants in the corners of your office or a small one on your desk. You can also hang potted plants near a window if you have one.

Hang Family Photos

One of the best ways to make your office space feel like home is to add a few  pictures of your family. Choose your favorite for your desk, or hang photos on a wall space.

Use an Air Purifier

There are many benefits of having an air purifier in your home, and those benefits are also helpful in your office. If you suffer from allergies or just enjoy the clean air a purifier offers, bring one to your office to help make it more comfortable.

Place Comfortable Furniture

No one wants to sit on uncomfortable furniture all day, especially at work. Consider your office furniture the same way you do your living room sofa and chairs. You deserve a comfy place to sit and work all day. Try these types of pieces for your office space:

  • A reading chair for breaks
  • An ergonomic desk chair
  • A desk lamp or reading light
  • A footstool under your desk to rest your feet
  • An extra chair for visitors

Depending on the space and how much freedom you have to decorate, you can coordinate your desk, desk chair, and sitting area to suit your style.

When you create a cozy office that feels like home, you’ll look forward to getting to work and might find your focus improves. With these tips, you can make those benefits your reality.

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