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How to Organize an Office After Moving – Case Study

My client had been in their office space for many years. Over time, there had been many changes and ultimately there was a staff of 3 in a space meant for 3-4 times that many.  It was well past time to downsize. The next step was moving from this much larger space into 2 adjoining offices at WeWork. As you might imagine there was barely space to walk once the movers deposited their boxes and furniture in their new home. Learn more in this how to organize an office after moving case study.


As a result of COVID, one full time staffer was working remotely from her parent’s home out of state. This left the responsibility for the entire move to the bookkeeper. She had to do some pre-move sorting as the contents of the office hadn’t been streamlined as staff left over the years. This was in addition to packing and managing the move. However, this was only the beginning of the challenges. Once the movers were done, she was faced with a wall of 50 boxes that needed to be unpacked and furniture that needed to be arranged in the 2 offices. This made for a very overwhelming situation.


The immediate goal was to sort the contents of the 50 boxes of supplies, files and computer accessories. Since there was minimal storage available in the offices, we sorted the contents of the supply boxes, grouped similar items together, and eliminated those that were no longer needed.  Once this was done, we designated a storage location in the supply cabinet based on the frequency of use and put the supplies away. The files were assigned to one of the 3 cabinets and the overflow to a 4th cabinet that was purchased. Once the unpacking was done, we fine-tuned the placement of the furnishings in the second office to improve functionality and its appearance.


“I am so pleased that I called Stephanie Shalofsky from The Organizing Zone. She exceeded my expectations and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was impressed with Stephanie’s ability to work very fast and efficiently, and her organizational skills are unmatched. I am so thrilled that I now get to work in a clean, organized, clutter free environment thanks to Stephanie’s skills. My office looks fabulous! If you need similar help in your office or home today, call The Organizing Zone. You will be one happy customer, too!” – Bookkeeper

This case study which focuses on how to organize an office after moving demonstrates that with a plan in place the prospect of unpacking 50 cartons is no longer overwhelming.  If your company has a move in its future, check out this moving checklist.

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