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How to Organize Office Supplies – Case Study

My client’s plan was to consolidate their 2 locations into one brand new office space. There would be ample space for storing all the office supplies as well as a significantly larger kitchen with tons of cabinets. The focus of this project was on how to organize office supplies so the space would be maximized. My help was needed to streamline the contents of their current locations and to create a plan for setting up both the office supply area and the kitchen in the new office.

Before: As my client had been in their current offices for a long time, a lot of supplies had accumulated, some of which were no longer used. The initial challenge was to reduce the supplies to the essentials. My objective in providing guidance and recommendations for streamlining the supplies was twofold. First, to help them purge the excess. Second, to gain an understanding of the quantity that would be moved into the new office so that appropriate storage space could be allocated for each item. As a result, I mapped out the main and overflow storage locations for all items so that the move would go smoothly. In addition, various types of storage containers were recommended and ordered so they would be ready when needed.

After: Once the boxes were unpacked, the folders, paper, binders, and other assorted supplies were put on the shelves in the cabinets around the copier. Small office supplies like pens, markers, and clips were positioned in the drawer organizers in this area. Once the main supply space was setup, the storage room for the overflow inventory and items like water bottles was organized. I oversaw the design for the shelving layout and installation for this odd-shaped room, placed all the supplies in their designated storage containers, and then positioned them in a specific location in the room.

The next task was to re-organize the kitchen so that frequently used dishes and glasses as well as snacks and beverages were very accessible. Those less frequently used items like trays and serving bowls were stored on the very top or bottom shelves of the cabinets.

Testimonial: “Stephanie Shalofsky’s strategic organizational plan for our work and office flow was critical to creating and subsequently maintaining all supplies in order without compromising employee experience. Now that everything is clean, neat, organized, and labeled, it’s a “everything has a place, and everything it its place!” and we can’t imagine having done it without her. Stephanie was efficient, effective, and professional in executing our goals and we would highly recommend her without any reservations whatsoever.”- Chief Administrative Officer, Real Estate Company

Organizing before and post an office move takes lots of planning.  My move checklist can help get you started. If you need a specific tip, please reach out to me.

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