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Increase Productivity: Tips for Managing Your E-mail

E-mail organizing for increased productivityIt seems that no sooner do I clear out my in-box than a whole new batch of messages pop up.  As managing my e-mail has started to take an ever increasing amount of time, I have taken a step back to figure out some ways that I can be more efficient in managing my e-mail and thus hopefully help my recipients with theirs. 

I am trying to adapt a send fewer e-mails, receive fewer e-mails mindset.  Here are some email organization tips for trying to limit the number of messages sent/received each day. 

Before sending an e-mail, I ask myself the following questions: 

Does the recipient need the information that I am sending for a specific purpose?  I am trying to avoid sending e-mails containing trivial or redundant information.

Is it really necessary to express my thanks via e-mail?   I am now using this  type of situation to connect/re-connect with people over the phone.

Does my e-mail completely address the questions that have been posed?  Unless it is really necessary to provide a piecemeal response, I am compiling all of the information requested and sending it in one message.    

Who really needs to receive my e-mail? Whenever possible, I am limiting the distribution to the essential few who need to be included.  If it is necessary to send the message to a large group, I am asking the recipients to reply only to me instead of the entire list.  I can then compile the responses and determine the most efficient next step.

Do I need a reply?  If no response is required, I am advising the recipient of this in my message. 

By implementing these email organization tips, I am using my e-mail time more productively.  Next I will be focusing on the quality of the messages being sent.

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