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The KonMari Method – Can it Work at the Office?

Simplifying their space has been an especially common “must do” for many people over the last year. Minimalism is a popular trend, and no one is quite as talked concerning this topic as Marie Kondo. She is the author and creator of a popular method for decluttering and streamlining your possessions – the KonMari method. Her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” is a New York Times #1 Best Seller and has sold over 6 million copies. But what is it exactly, and can it be applied to your office? As there are often questions about her method, this NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing some information to consider about this process.

The KonMari method emphasizes tackling your entire space at once instead of in small manageable steps. It stresses reviewing your possessions by category not by storage location. For example, if sorting your books, you would go room by room reviewing all books in each location in one pass. Another key component of the process is to focus on what to keep not what to discard as you review your belongings. To do so, pickup each item one at a time, thanking it for its service, and then asking yourself if that particular item sparks joy. If it does, find a place for it. If it does not, get rid of it. It’s that simple. Though there is an emphasis on minimalism, it’s not so much about fewer possessions as it is about keeping only the items that you love and value.

How would the KonMari method work in the office?

Kondo says that the idea of an item “sparking joy” can change based on your space. Offices can be crammed with excess, so understanding what sparks joy for you at home might not be the same in the office is imperative. Your sense of values can shift in the workspace, and you can define “joy” however it suits you. It could mean items that make money, or that make you feel more positive, or that contribute to your efficiency. Once you understand how your values shift in the workspace, you can follow the KonMari method and start to discard items that don’t fit your work values.

When it comes to sorting paperwork, Kondo takes an extreme approach in the home – just throw them all away if they’re not currently being addressed or must be kept. This isn’t always the best route when you are at work. Those papers that are needed should be contained in a specific location and should be filed according to frequency of use (like reference and archive files). However, Kondo encourages you to rid your space of documents like agreements or presentations that you are done with as they have served their purpose. However, make sure to follow your company’s office document retention policy when organizing paperwork.

Is the KonMari method for you? While this method works for some, it isn’t for everyone. I highly recommend learning more about the approach to be sure that it is appropriate for you, before diving in. Simplifying and decluttering is more than a trend – it’s a means towards greater productivity and efficiency in the office. For more hands-on office organizing strategies and decluttering support, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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