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Learning to Spark Joy In Your Workspace

The concept of items in your home “sparking joy” has become very popular thanks in part to Netflix and the show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The general idea that Kondo shares is that you should limit your possessions to those that bring you joy. This idea of surrounding yourself with that which makes you happy applies to more than just your home – it can apply to your office, friendships and your relationships. As a NYC Professional Office Organizer, I’ve seen firsthand how creating a clutter free, organized workspace can bring both joy and productivity to your day.

Define “joy”. Kondo says that the idea of an item “sparking joy” can change based on your space. Offices can be crammed with excess, so understanding what sparks joy for you at home may be very different from what you need and like in your workspace. Your sense of values can shift in the office, and you can define “joy” however it suits you. It could be related to items that make money, or that make you feel more positive, or that contribute to your efficiency.

Understand the benefits of joy. Think about how you feel in your office when you are surrounded by clutter. Your desk is overflowing with paper, you can’t find a file you’ve been looking for, there are deadlines looming, your inbox is full, and you can’t find a pen to jot down the notes from the call you just finished. Is that feeling joy? Or is it more a feeling of overwhelm or frustration? When your office is decluttered and organized, you can quickly and efficiently find what you are looking for, meet deadlines, and alleviate stress.

Organizing ideas to bring joy to your workplace:

  • Surround yourself with items that have special significance or appeal. Maybe a picture of your family, or an award you’ve received. Remember, the goal is clutter free so be very selective.
  • Add some color. It can feel dreary in an office that is just black and white. You can do this simply with a colorful set of desk accessories. For example, my pen holder and stapler are orange…which reminds me of a sunny spring day.
  • Take a step back and look objectively at your workspace. Really see all the stuff cluttering the space like the business card holder, random memorabilia from tradeshows, and multiple staplers. Remove all those items that you don’t use which will for the creation of a more productive workspace.

As a society, we don’t often associate our workspace with a place that brings us joy, but maybe it’s time to change that! Start by decluttering, getting organized, and selectively surrounding yourself with those items that will make you more productive and happy.

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