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Life on Pause… No, My Routine on Pause

I hope that you, your family and friends are staying safe and in good health.

As I was getting ready to write this message, I was thinking about how my daily routine has changed in just a couple of short weeks. I realized after speaking with some good friends that my life isn’t on pause… just my routine. I don’t know if once the executive orders expire and life returns to whatever normal will be, if it will actually be just as it was. That is a question for another blog… for now I’m focusing on the here and now.

Going to Work

My routine has changed like everyone else’s. While I already worked from my home office, “going to work” is no different, yet different. I can still do all the admin, business development, and marketing tasks that I would normally do. My office is in a designated spot in our den and I have all the essential supplies and tools within arm’s reach.

Being Creative

This is the time for all of us to be creative whether it be with marketing, activities, or schedules. In my case, I’m offering virtual home office organizing services to help you work from home, especially if you have never worked from home and are in desperate need of a functional home office space: something to give you a sense of normalcy, routine, calmness and provide optimal productivity.

Work/Life Balance

Besides work, I also hope you are like me, balancing work with life. While my weeks are starting to fill up with Zoom meeting calls, I’m trying to maintain an even more definitive work/life balance. I’m scheduling 2 walks each day for additional exercise and fresh air. My husband and I have started working on a 750-piece puzzle which has proven to be both a good diversion as well as mental exercise…. We just trying to keep our competitive streaks in check! Follow me on Instagram to see our progress.

Yes, my routine is different. I’m adapting and recognize that my focus should be on what I can control and help out wherever I can.

To that point, here’s my offer: if your home office space isn’t working for you, with my expertise, I’d like to be able to help you. Let’s schedule a free 30-minute Zoom call and I’ll share tips for quickly getting your space working more effectively. You can reach me here. I look forward to speaking.

Until then, stay safe and be well!

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