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Make Office Organizing a Priority for Your Staff

You may have a solid office organizing plan in place, but is it really working? Are your staff members using the systems? Are they more productive? The beginning of the year is a great time to sit down with your team and review the office organizing systems and strategies that you’ve been utilizing. Including your staff in this process is important! Here are the steps to take with your team as you begin to review your office organizing systems.

Review (or develop) your Standard Operating Procedures. You may call this something else, but it’s important to have a set of standards so that your team knows what is expected of them. Include job descriptions, important company policies, and procedures they need to know. This is also where you include organizing systems and strategies that make your office flow – such as your filing system or email management process. If you have one in place, then now is a great time to review them with your staff so everyone starts the year on the same page is important.

Set expectations for your team. Hold a meeting to discuss your goals. Talk about those organizing systems that are working, and get feedback on areas that may need to be addressed. Discuss your goals for the business and your goals for the systems in your office. Have your team set goals for themselves as well.

Provide training and assistance as needed. After you identify those organizing systems which are creating issues, brainstorm solutions and provide additional training and assistance to your staff as needed. Reviewing policies, providing specific training on challenging steps, and providing the tools needed to work within the systems are all important steps in the process.

Give positive feedback and follow-up with help. As you see your staff working well and utilizing the office organizing systems you have in place, provide them with positive feedback. This encouragement will help them continue to be productive. For those who needed additional support, make sure you follow-up and see that they received all of the additional training and tools that they needed. If there were specific organizing systems that required changes, make sure you are following up with your staff to see if those changes have worked.

Bringing your entire staff into your organization plan for the office is an important step to making it happen. Share your goals, provide the training and tools, and celebrate the success as you have a productive year together. For more hands on tips and office organizing strategies, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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