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Managing E-mail with Organizing Tips

Email Organizing TipsAs I am a solo-preneur, I wear many hats which makes each day different from the next. While I enjoy this aspect of my business, it is also the source of a certain amount of stress especially as it relates to staying on top of the endless flood of e-mails. I am constantly trying to find new and improved email organizing tips to manage my e-mails so that I can more quickly go through the in-box after a couple of days of outside meetings.  I am trying to limit the distribution on e-mails (less out/less in), clearly state the information that is needed in the subject line and use Outlook more effectively.  As I think that Outlook is really the key, it’s time for some uninterrupted, quality time to uncover the additional features that are staring me in the face each time I log on. Stay tuned so that you can also benefit from my newly discovered email organizing tips.

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