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Your Inbox is NOT a To-Do List!

With email as the main source of communication in today’s business world, it’s not surprising that many tasks are shared and assigned via email. But with the rate and speed that email can pile up, it is incredibly easy to lose track of an important email and miss a necessary task. Why doesn’t email work… Continue Reading »

Overwhelmed by Your Email Inbox?

  When you read through your new emails in your inbox, do you respond right away? Or do you let the emails pile up before you start to feel behind and overwhelmed by what you need to reply to? It happens to the best of us. With a few email organizing tips from the Professional… Continue Reading »

To Email or Not While on Vacation

  When you go on vacation, or even take a long weekend away from work and other responsibilities, the last thing you want is to still have to deal with an abundance of email. Time off should truly be time away from all aspects of business. You deserve time to recharge! But the world doesn’t… Continue Reading »

Create a Schedule for Checking Email

With the massive amount of emails being sent and received daily, it’s no wonder you find yourself spending so much time in your email inbox! With alerts on your phone or tablet, you might find yourself coming back to your inbox several times an hour instead of focusing on other tasks that need to be… Continue Reading »

How to Achieve Inbox Zero with the Professional Organizer in NYC

  Have you heard of “Inbox Zero” before? It’s a term used to indicate clearing out your inbox until you have zero emails left. That means absolutely none – no unread emails, no already read emails that you’ve saved for later – zero! Sounds like a dream, right? Does such a thing actually exist? Of… Continue Reading »