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Mastering the Art of Children’s Artwork: Our NYC Professional Organizer’s Tips for managing the steady stream of artwork

children's artMost parents struggle with what to do with all their children’s artwork. Particularly in NYC apartments, space is an issue, and those masterpieces have a way of engulfing the refrigerator. These masterpieces start to create clutter. You are pleased to see your child’s creations, but there is only so much space to display it all! What’s a parent to do? Our NYC Professional Organizer offers paper organizing tips for creating a system for the frequent onslaught of masterpieces.

One of our first paper organizing tips is to date every creation. If you have multiple children, be sure that the artist’s name is noted. This will help you file and store these masterpieces with ease.

Create a system to rotate artwork that works best for your family. This could be once a week art is cleaned out. A “revolving door” may also work – as one new piece is added, one is filed. Be sure to have enough room for all children in the family!

Next, decide how to showcase all of the artwork. A common location is the refrigerator, but get creative! Our Professional Organizer in NYC reminds us that bulletin board is another great way to keep everything organized. The bulletin board could be in any of the common areas of your home, or in each child’s bedroom. Another creative idea is to hang wire or string across a wall and attach each piece with a binder clip. This is a decorative paper organizing option, and also will prohibit overcrowding.

Since not every piece of art can be displayed at once, consider how best to store those pieces that aren’t on display. Our NYC Professional Organizer suggests possibly enlisting the child’s help with this step. Every month or so (depending on how much artwork you have), weed out the less favorite pieces. Involving your child in this habit of rotation is a great way to teach organization skills at a young age.

A great, space saving way to store these masterpieces is by using a binder with top-loading page protector sheets. Sort through these binders as well, and then store them on a shelf or in a box with other binders. A scrapbook of each child’s artwork is another great possibility. If space is limited, take pictures of artwork and insert them into page protector sheets or store them in a specially named file on your computer. For larger or bulky art, consider containers that fit under bed or in a closet.

With these artwork and paper organizing tips, you will be well prepared to handle the steady stream of artwork. If you need some additional suggestions, our NYC Professional Organizer is here to customize organizational options and help you decide what works best for your family.

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